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Our Preschool Day

Children and their families are greeted each morning by nurturing, caring early childhood professionals.  Many children jump right in and begin to draw a picture, build a farm or read a book.  Some children require a few special moments with their teacher as they adjust to the routine of the day.

A circle forms on the carpet as the teacher introduces the activities for the day.  Children share information, sing, or perform a finger-play before leaving for other activities.

Throughout the day children are involved in hands-on learning activities in a stimulating environment taking advantage of their natural desire to move, touch, manipulate and explore new ideas.  One child may observe and document her plant's growth while a small group of children works with their teacher dictating a class book for the language center.

Children move from active areas to quiet areas as their energy levels build and diminish.

A clean up song is sung and children wash hands before they sit down to give thanks to God for a welcome healthy snack.

With renewed energy, the children are ready to tackle the outside world of the playground.  Climbers and balls are available to those with energy to burn.  Digging, sand play and gardening are available for those needing to recharge.

Throughout the day, teachers are activiely engaged to facilitate the child's learning process and encourage them to think and talk about their discoveries and creations.  Teachers support the children as they learn to negotiate and express their needs in acceptable ways.  They dry tears, share hugs and laugh with the children through their joyful moments.  Throughout the year, teachers document children's ideas, interactions and developmental milestones in individual portfolios.